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Homemade Odroid-go Compatible Game Console

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FM Watch Crystal Radio

  FM Watch Crystal Radio     You can click this youtube video link to see how I make and test it. Hello there. This is Billy. You know I've been designing a lot of 3D printed parts for crystal radios. This time I'm designing a 3D printed watch crystal radio for the FM. This is a carry-on from the previous AM crystal radio that can wear on the watch. Now this is FM. You can see we still have the beval gear but the gear has been redesigned so I can put a coil at the center that will link to the variable capacitor that is driven by this bevel gear so that connects to this variable capacitor at the top. Turning the knob will turn the moving plate of the VC I will put a link to the YouTube video description to my blog and from there you will get a link to the 3D print files you can download them then open it using a slicer software like Cura. Then you can print it to your 3D printer. Total print time is around 10 hours. Circuit Diagram x Before we start making the crystal radio le